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Building a car online is the heart of every automotive manufacturer's online experience. So when I was tasked with updating MINIs, I didn't take it lightly. Luckily, I have some experience in this area since I had already designed MINIs in dealer tablet experience. But this had it's own set of challenges. From the start we knew it had to work responsively from tablet to desktop and had to be way faster than any other version we had done in the past. With this guiding all our thinking, it was a true collaboration between design and development. Spending a bunch of late nights pushing each other to create the ideal experience.

Launching in the fall of 2014, the feedback and statistics prove it was all worth the effort. We have heard from many users that the love it and their average time building has increased from under 10 minutes to over 30 minutes. It also was called out by J.D. Power as one of the best building experience in the market.