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Josh Deane

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UI Enhancements & Promos

While working with the T.J. Maxx interactive group, I was responsible for spearheading a variety of site enhancement iniatives along with creating a number of online promotional materials.

Multi-messaging Homepage

Responsive homepage grid that allows for multiple promotional content areas that are collapsable and re-arrangeable. It also includes areas to promote key business objectives.

Category Grid

Responsive product grid that takes advantage of additional screen real estate on larger monitors and including marketing materials directly into the shopping flow. This gives T.J.Maxx the ability to market to customers that bypass the homepage and come directly to a category page.

Mobile Site

A quick reimagining of the how the mobile site landing page could look with a strong emphasis on larger more informative calls to action.

Promotional Material

A small selection of promotional material that I concepted and designed.